FlexStik® Accessory Tape Products

For Flexographic Printers

Adheso accessory tape products provide a variety of problem-solving solutions for roller wrapping, difficult web splicing, plate edge seal and splice detection. Many products have additional variations that can be provided to meet specific application requirements.



Spec Chart

Product Color Description Applications
FS-100 Red, Blue, Green, Black Polypropylene Color-Coding Tape End tabbing and color coding.
FS-4703R Red Double-Coated High Tack Tape Low energy film splicing and core start.
FS-4150 Yellow Single-Coated Silicone Surface Splicing Splicing of silicone-coated release paper.
FS-7158 Blue Single-Coated Silicone Surface Splicing Splicing of silicone-coated release paper.
FS-116 Red Single-Coated Red Lithographers Tape Photo mask, negative stripping.
FS-96 Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, White Single-Coated Vinyl Tape Plate edge sealing tape.
FS-97 Silver Aluminum Aluminum Foil Tape Plate edge sealing tape.
FS-5350B Black Double-Coated High Tack Tape High slip web splicing.
FS-503T White Opaque Double-Coated High Tack Tissue Tape High slip web splicing. Economy Grade
FS-7052 White Opaque Double-Coated High Tack Tissue Tape Corrugated web splicing tape, high temperature.
FS-4305 Silver, Red, Black Metallized Single-Coated Tape Web splice detection tape (metallized).
FS-98C Orange, Red, Blue Single-Coated UPVC Tape Indirect food contact, single-coated splice tape.
FS-59 Clear Opaque Adhesive Transfer Tape Fiber Supported Envelope web, offset web, heat resistant splice.
FS-S599 Red Single-Coated Silicone Release Tape Adhesive web splice tape, silicone release.
FS-2530 Black Single-Coated Foam Tape Chamber seal foam anti-leak tape.
FS-82N Black Single-Coated Foam Tape Liquid polymer damming foam barrier.
FS-218 Tan General Purpose Masking Tape All purpose industrial masking tape.
FS-99 Fluorescent Orange Single-Coated Paper Tape High visibility splice detection tape.
FS-277 Orange Single-Coated Textile Fiber Tape High performance textile web splicing.
FS-2265-2 Black Smooth Cloth Backing Roll wrapping anti-stick.
FS-322 Clear Bi-Directional Scrim Edge reinforcement lead and trail.
FS-2265 Rust Film PTFE Lamination lay up and end tabs.
FS-2503R Natural Glass PTFE Film Underwrapping cylinder tape.
FS-2420 Black Anti-Stick Roller Wrap Cylinder roll cover wrap.
FS-4565 Natural Economy Roller Wrap Cylinder roll cover wrap.
FS-5033x Opaque Tissue High Performance Corrugated Splicing High Heat Corrugated paper Splicing
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