FlexSoft® Optimal Print Cushion on Polyester Base Film

Wide Latitude Optimal print for Process, Line, and Solid Corrugated Printing

First generation polyester based cushion developed for corrugated print enhancement while providing excellent impression recovery. Industry tested and engineered select density for minimizing the wash-board and fluting effect in print reproduction due to variables in board and harsh print environments.

FlexSoft® C-Series materials are constructed of unique micro-cellular impact-resistant foam.

This foam provides instant recovery from impression with minimal set or foam breakdown during high speed or long term press runs. C-Series cushions are developed with a micro-cell polyurethane foam cast onto a strong polyester substrate.

C-Series products are widely adaptable in application capability and suitable for use on a wide variety of flexo equipment for the printing of corrugated boxes, displays, and point of purchase advertisements.


  • Excellent Thickness Control – minimum variation  -.001 / + .002 in.
  • Vibration Absorbing Micro-Cellular Foam
  • Low Compression Set, Long Term Press Runs
  • Energy and Shock Absorption in the print process.
  • Easily cut for Specific Blanket Size
  • High Density Foam Modulus Provides Superior Mechanical Strength
  • Lightweight and Low Water Absorption

Roll Material Spec’s

Standard Roll Length at    50’    65’    100’
Standard Roll Width:    44” 54″    60”
Thickness:    C.030    C.040    C.060    C.080    C.090    C.100    C.120    C.150    C.160
Thickness Tolerance: Variation within individual roll = to  -001 /+.002 in.
Color: Gray Foam on White PET Film / Blue Foam on Clear PET Film

*Our direct connect manufacturing allows us to schedule special overall thickness request other than above standards. Please call with such request as they must be production scheduled and quantity minimums may apply.


Wide Latitude Optimal print for Process, Line, and Solid Corrugated Print Reproduction.


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