FlexSoft® PVC/Foam Backing Mounting Material

FlexSoft® P-Series materials are constructed using flexible .030 PVC carrier sheet materials laminated to micro-cellular white foam substrates.

P-Series backings are our second generation of corrugated mounting cushion products engineered to reduce pre-press mounting time, along with providing a long life mounting base for attachment to printing plates. P-Series provides the printer with a compressible base that facilitates better print quality in graphic reproduction that utilizes higher line screen combinations where plate cylinder build up is required and thin plate technology can be utilized maximizing reproduction quality. P-Series cushions are developed with a white micro-cell polyurethane foam laminated onto a gray .030 PVC substrate. P-Series products are widely adaptable in application and suitable for use on a wide variety of flexo equipment for corrugated boxes, displays, and point of purchase advertisements.


  • Roll-to-roll caliper consistency and reliable, precision-ground finished constructions
  • Laminated (not cast) makes it pre-press friendly for lead and trail edge attachment
  • Long-life, low-compression-set, durable, elastomeric foam-energy absorbing with instant rebound
  • Rigid PVC allows for in the round mount support
  • Extreme Low Water Absorption
  • Smooth mounting surface allowing plate mounting adhesive tapes to fully bond eliminating plate lift

Roll Material Spec’s

Standard Roll Length at    50‘    75’
Standard Roll Width:    48″  60”    62”
Thickness:    P.060    P.125    P.155


Under-cut build up construction for corrugated mount and plate configuration.

FlexSoft® PLUS-Mount Series / Light Weight, Wide Width Construction.

PVC Supported compressible foam backings offer excellent performance benefits for improving print quality in medium to low range graphics reproduction in corrugated box printing.

These materials are manufactured using a unique non water absorptive PUR foam material laminated to a 30 mil rigid PVC film. PLUS Mount provides a base support for achieving the correct corrugated print height required to achieve optimum print. PLUS foam acts as a Build Up backing allowing printers to use various plate thickness in combination with an economical simple to convert material. Lighter Weight by Volume to reduce overall Plate / Cushion final mount weight in application.


  • Excellent Thickness Control – minimum variation -.001 /+ .002 in.
  • Cost efficient medium grade foam for undercut builds
  • Low Compression Set, Long Term Press Runs
  • Non water absorbent smooth surface for vacuum type cylinders
  • Rigid PVC construction with gloss or pebbled surface for secure Mounting Tape attachment to Printing Plate
  • 1/3rd lighter in weight than P-Series cushions

Roll Material Spec’s

Standard Roll Length:    50’     75’
Standard Roll Width:       48”    60” 62″
Thickness:   PLUS .060  PLUS .125  PLUS .155

Color: Clear PVC (pebble finish) Film with Gray Color PUR Foam


Economical under cut build up construction for lighter weight overall corrugated plate mount backing

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