FlexSoft® Advanced Corrugated Cushion Print Carrier

Corrugated backing material for plate mount under cut build up

FlexSoft® ACC-Series  (A) = Advanced (C) Corrugated (C) Cushion.

Supported with a 10 Mil. Polyester Film, the ACC series is our 3rd generation of cushion mounts. Designed to provide the latest in technology performance grade cushion material available in the corrugated printing market today.

These materials are superior print grade urethane foam materials that are coated on 1 side with clean removal pressure sensitive adhesive. These laminated constructions allow for simple quick removal of foam material from the polyester substrate to provide simple quick attachment of lead and trail edge systems in corrugated mounts. This Feature combined with a proven superior foam technology allows for superior print result with less make-ready time.


  • Higher durometer foam that resists compression set and enhances print.
  • White Polyester Base Film for Simple removal of foam in Lead and Trail Edge attachment
  • Reduction in Plate make-ready time.
  • Controlled Foam Thickness Tolerance minimal foam variance
  • Superior Impact and Deflection during print run for stable print reproduction
  • Reduces or Eliminates Fluting phenomenon for increased print quality
  • Excellent Long Life Foam Resilience in Harsh Printing Environments
  • Widths Available up to 65″ (60 in. useable foam)

Roll Material Spec’s

Standard Roll Length at 100’
Standard Roll Width: 60” Custom Widths up to 65″
Thickness:  ACC.060 ACC.070 ACC.080
Thickness Tolerance: Variation within individual roll = to -.001 /+ .002 in.
Core Size: 3” O.D.

Color: White Foam on White PET carrier / Gray Foam on White PET carrier

*Our direct connect manufacturing allows us to schedule special overall thickness request other than above standards. Please call with such request as they must be production scheduled and quantity minimums may apply.


Corrugated backing material for plate mount under cut build up. Higher durometer foam for enhanced print results.


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