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Adhesive Tapes Are Our Business

Adheso-Graphics manufactures and distributes pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for use in the printing industry. Established in 1967, Adheso’s plate-mounting “stickyback” tapes have been used by flexo printers for over 48 years. We pioneered double-coated mounting tapes when we created our FlexStik® brand of mounting tapes. Our our consistent high quality products bring results for positive customer satisfaction in a variety of applications.  Our performance driven highly-regarded brands  FlexStik®, FlexSoft® and FS products, have made us the preferred choice for Flexographic printers around the world.

Adheso is proud to be a part of a growing industry. We maintain an ongoing commitment to the development of technologically advanced products and materials that serve our customers’ varied needs. We take pride in raising the bar for quality standards. Adheso strives to provide printers with application-specific products that reliably perform in application with minimal cost and effort.

Adheso-Graphics operates in multiple facilities, with a variety of converting capabilities to service customer material requirements. We offer extensive technical field support, and a network of professional distributors within the United States, Canada, Latin America and Europe.

Current Markets Serviced Include

  • Corrugated Flexographic Printers
  • Wide Web Flexible Packaging
  • Narrow Web Flexible Packaging
  • Offset Printing Blankets
  • Rotary Letterpress Printing


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